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Problems and Participation

The life of an entrepreneur is filled with problems demanding attention, and each outcome is a footprint in the future direction of your business. Do any of these problems keep you awake at night? • Raising finance for expansion; • Closing a major deal with a client; • Run-away input costs; • Launch of a […]

HR is now at the core of all businesses

During the Agarian age, your success depended upon ownership and control over the land. Farmers ruled. The Industrial Age shifted success from land to the factories and tangible assets, built on it. The meteoric rise of factory owners, businessmen and corporations followed. Today, the Information Age is disrupting the value of bricks and mortar buildings […]

The stench from workplaces

There is a stench emanating from workplaces in both the corporate and public sector. You are unlikely to read about it in the mainstream media, SENS announcements or the CEO’s report. You are unlikely hear about it at summits, industry conferences and in-house presentations. But you will experience the fallouts as a customer, employee or […]

Flying in Turbulence

These are turbulent times for HR professionals. They plod along under employment bureaucracy, office politics and crisis management. They stare down the barrel of a gun in meetings with management and executives that question the value of their contribution to the organisation. They are sandwiched between management and employees. Employees have their own axe to […]

HR and your Business

My new HR column in I received a pleasant surprise last week when I was asked to write the HR column for this community of entrepreneurs, as the invitation arrived at a time when I was working on another column for HR professionals in the corporate arena. There are vast differences between human resource […]

Its a tough job to drive bottom line through HR

The traditional personnel function has given way to the human resources department and with the emergence of human capital management; HR professionals are under pressure to demonstrate value in their organisation. The days of HR professionals working in a bubble are gone; you will find them on the frontlines assisting line management in a range […]

Working for your company is not that great

Are you concerned about volatile revenues, rising costs and fickle customers? Are you grappling with talent problems?nbsp; The easy approach is another HR project. Undertake surveys to analyse the workforce. Meet sceptical line management about recurring problems. Introduce a management fad. Hire a motivational speaker to infuse excitement about work. Give staff fancy cards about […]

2006 Retrenchments

The Chinese problem A worthwhile read in Business Report (29 January 2006) about the problems experienced by the local clothing and textile industries – the debate whether China is the cause of their woes. The numbers paint a bleak picture ‘Polo, which five years ago employed 400 workers, is down to 50 despite manufacturing a […]