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Public Holidays, Talent & Performance

Public Holidays Let me get off the ground with a sensitive topic: public holidays. As we prepare for the long weekends ahead, it is worthwhile to consider the impact of public holidays on your talent and performance. Rewind: in the second week of December 2011, government, acting in accordance with the Public Holidays Act, 1994, […]

Reward & Talent Tips

  Talent 1.Generation Y Employers were talking about Generation Y five years ago. They will still be talking about them five years from now. What will your organisation be saying? Stop trying to get Generation Y to do what you want. Start trying to do what they want. 2. Celebrate! Small wins, quick wins, any […]

Budget Speech 2012

Budget 2012 Depending on your industry and job, December and January are the best or worst months of the year. You were either stressed out, delivering on demand; or you slowly drifted, waiting for the work to flow in your direction. As we roll into February, the “official” working year gets underway and not far […]

Budget Wishlist – Employment

Budget Fever Budget fever is here again. One day when I have time on my side, I want to delve into the stories behind budgets. I will dig up the conflicts over setting budgets and delivering budget results. Is it only about the numbers or the budget games behind the numbers? I will analyse why some […]


  With the days heating up and workplaces cooling down, it is a sunny forecast for staff crossing off the weeks until their annual leave. Leave, is something to look forward to and the earlier you start the clock, the less you have to be concerned about the daily irritations. You just have to survive until your leave […]

Retiring Retirement – AMC Reform Conference

Retirement The third annual Retirement Reform Conference kicks off today in Cape Town! The conference is organised by AMC International and brings together various stakeholders in the retirement fund industry. I’ve perused the conference brochure and was impressed by the expert line up of local and international speakers. Retiring Retirement This year, I will be delivering […]

Remuneration & War for Talent

Remuneration As the economic recovery gathers momentum over the next year, local employers should be prepared for a new phase in the war for talent – those individuals that possess the necessary values, skills and experience, already have one foot out of the door. From IT to financial services, employers are likely to experience challenges […]

Cost of Living and Remuneration

  Cost of Living 2011 When I received yet another email from a disengaged employee, working in a different company about their pay, I decided that it deserved some consideration. The economy is posting better numbers and many companies have a healthier bottom line (small miracles after “resizing” their operations and workforce last year). Government […]

Remuneration & Wellness

Remuneration & Wellness 2011 Remuneration Association of Educational Institutions (RAEI) Conference I was honoured to have been a speaker at the 2011 Remuneration Association of Educational Institutions Conference, that was held in Boksburg from 15-16th September. The remuneration conference was organised by ITS Evula (Pty) Ltd and was well attended by finance, payroll and remuneration professionals from University of Fort Hare, […]

HR, Talent & Property

  Property Boom Remember the property boom from 2000 to early 2008? The paint may have long dried, but in those golden days, almost any “location, location, location” was better than cash in the bank. Let me refresh your memory: First time home owners, supported by the banks, signed up for the maximum bond.  Why […]