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Lifestyle Audits & Office Binging

  They say that one should be hungry for success.  This month I want to highlight those individuals, that are hungry for moolah and to grab a line from Spur, “Come Hungry” to the office each day.   Lifestyle Audits Who said that auditing is boring, devoid of glamour? In recent months, calls for a […]

How to manage a modern working life

In years gone past, it was relatively easy to manage your working life. There was guaranteed success in almost all professions. You could pursue formal employment or the more daring followed the entrepreneurial trail. Employment was on the ‘job for life’ model with a company that provided security, fixed working hours, guaranteed benefits and status […]

Truth amp; Lies

If you were hanging over a cliff and your organisation/boss/co-workers extended a helping hand, would you immediately grab it or hold onto the cliff for dear life?  Let’s be honest about the dishonesty that pervades the workplace. From gl…

Flying in Turbulence

These are turbulent times for HR professionals. They plod along under employment bureaucracy, office politics and crisis management. They stare down the barrel of a gun in meetings with management and executives that question the value of their contribution to the organisation. They are sandwiched between management and employees. Employees have their own axe to […]