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Graduates, shine in a Competitive Market

2011/2012 Graduates For the class of 2011 graduates or those graduating this year, you are on the verge of a new, sometime confusing, journey to the workplace. While the recession may officially be over, it does not mean that graduates should expect abundant job opportunities. From 2009 – 2011, many organisations restructured jobs and retrenched staff, including […]

Job hunting? Uphill Struggle

  (Source: Flickr)   Yesterday the front page of Business Report carried two disturbing articles, side by side: “Recovery of Jobs will be a struggle” and “SA needs labour reform – IMF”.   Without going into the nitty gritty, during the recession SA shed more jobs than other emerging markets and the recovery has been […]

Europe increasingly popular among African and Middle Eastern MBAs

Europe increasingly popular among African and Middle Eastern MBAs International survey found that Europe is increasingly popular among African and Middle Eastern MBA candidates Germany displaces France to become 5th most preferred MBA destination Top European business schools arrive in Johannesburg to recruit African candidates According to the latest QS TopMBA.com Applicant Survey 2010, there […]

Attract, Engage & Reward Talent

  In my last column (HRF, August), I revisited the world cup experience, going through five unanswered show-me-the-money questions: local manufacturers missing out on the production of memorabilia, small business benefits, job creation, botched arrangements between Match and local providers, and the future of our stadiums (cash cows or white elephants). This month I want […]

Budget 2011 & Employment

  Get a glimpse behind the corporate glass with HR Future’s workplace radical. Budget fever is here again! One day when I have time on my side, I want to delve into the stories behind budgets. I will dig up the conflicts over setting budgets and delivering results. Is it only about the numbers or […]

Budget, Tax & Truth

With Budget 2011 a fortnight away, a quick recap of developments last year  After the State of the Nation address in February that turned out to be less about the nation and more about the state (the state of the president, the non performing state of some ministers, the state of departments and stating the obvious), the […]

HR Technology Integration is the new HR currency

            HR Technology integration becomes the new HR currency as it outperforms non-integration by 41% “Survey findings of the 2010 State of Global People Management research, released by Massachusetts-based international people management software company Softscape, reveals that organisations that integrate talent processes, systems and data on performance, succession planning, compensation, […]