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Public Holidays, Talent & Performance

Public Holidays Let me get off the ground with a sensitive topic: public holidays. As we prepare for the long weekends ahead, it is worthwhile to consider the impact of public holidays on your talent and performance. Rewind: in the second week of December 2011, government, acting in accordance with the Public Holidays Act, 1994, […]

Reward & Talent Tips

  Talent 1.Generation Y Employers were talking about Generation Y five years ago. They will still be talking about them five years from now. What will your organisation be saying? Stop trying to get Generation Y to do what you want. Start trying to do what they want. 2. Celebrate! Small wins, quick wins, any […]

Reward & Talent

  You can read Part 1 here Reward 9. Total cost packages have been around since 1990’s. Should you adopt, retain or dump it? Review the remuneration structure and get up to speed on the developments in this area. 10. Don’t reward incompetence. No excuses. Or you’ll keep getting more of the same results. 11. […]

Budget Wishlist – Employment

Budget Fever Budget fever is here again. One day when I have time on my side, I want to delve into the stories behind budgets. I will dig up the conflicts over setting budgets and delivering budget results. Is it only about the numbers or the budget games behind the numbers? I will analyse why some […]

HR, Big Picture & You

  Big Picture 1. It is 2012 Not 1992. Or 1972. Ask others in your team to check the year, the next time that they tell that you: It can’t be done It was done before and failed It won’t work in your organisation. Or get out of there fast! 2. Get used to.. …the […]

HR, This Year could be Different

  HR HR has been here before. HR is familiar with the drill. HR has the same beliefs and expectations, toned down by the passage of time. We know how it will end. Yet a little voice tells HR professionals that this year could be exceptional and different. Another year has arrived for HR. HR Resolutions, BHAG & Make overs […]

HR – Blown Away in 2011

    HR, Budget, Talent and more    Well we have almost reached the end of 2011. And what an unbelievable year it has been! From natural disasters (earthquakes, tornados and more) and man-made financial woes, (US, EU) to revolutionary uprisings (Arab spring, Occupy Wall Street) and technology everywhere (gadgets, online networks). Too much upheaval for one year.  […]

HR, Pay & More

    Recruitment  If you are a HR Future reader that regularly reads my column, this month we will be going down the memory lane of 2010. Grab a coffee, relax and let us laugh and cry about the past twelve months. If you are a reader that gives this column a miss, you can […]


  With the days heating up and workplaces cooling down, it is a sunny forecast for staff crossing off the weeks until their annual leave. Leave, is something to look forward to and the earlier you start the clock, the less you have to be concerned about the daily irritations. You just have to survive until your leave […]

Job Offer

On any given day, HR is making an offer to a (hopefully talented) candidate for a position. Line management are breathing down their neck, the position was supposed to be filled last month. (Something about the manager angrily dismissing the previous employee under circumstances that HR will have to defend at the CCMA). I digress. […]