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Graduates, shine in a Competitive Market

2011/2012 Graduates For the class of 2011 graduates or those graduating this year, you are on the verge of a new, sometime confusing, journey to the workplace. While the recession may officially be over, it does not mean that graduates should expect abundant job opportunities. From 2009 – 2011, many organisations restructured jobs and retrenched staff, including […]

Social Media for Reward – KR Conference

Social Media for Reward Professionals The Knowledge Resources Remuneration and Rewards Conference unpacks the challenges in the new world at work.  The conference takes place from 18 to 21 June in Johannesburg.  They have a packed programme backed up by the top speakers in the industry.Social Media for Reward  Professionals,  Likes, Tweets & Pins Reward […]

Pay Negotiation Basics

Pay Negotiation… Ouch! Pay is the most sensitive issue in the hiring process. Discussing the compensation often causes anxiety for the employee.  So many employees do not negotiate their pay.  They plan to first get the job and once they are inside, they can negotiate their package.  Unfortunately employers don’t play that game. I’ve seen employees […]

Career & Dreams – Go Big this year

Career & Dreams   Welcome to your working life (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012) – a sizzling year of doing what you love, the freedom to decide how you want to work and the authority to set your pay. You are passionate about your contribution and the people affected by your outputs. You decide on the working hours, […]


  With the days heating up and workplaces cooling down, it is a sunny forecast for staff crossing off the weeks until their annual leave. Leave, is something to look forward to and the earlier you start the clock, the less you have to be concerned about the daily irritations. You just have to survive until your leave […]

Remuneration & War for Talent

Remuneration As the economic recovery gathers momentum over the next year, local employers should be prepared for a new phase in the war for talent – those individuals that possess the necessary values, skills and experience, already have one foot out of the door. From IT to financial services, employers are likely to experience challenges […]

Pay, Package & Job

You will find it on company websites. You will notice it in the job advertisements. You will hear about it in the job interview. I’m referring of course to “market related package”, “competitive pay” and similar terms. But what does it mean? 1.  We pay less, just like other companies in the market Don’t feel too […]

Climbing the wrong corporate ladder

Meet George. In 2004, he completed a three year degree at a leading university. He joined the job hunting crowd, looked at dozens of positions and got interviewed for three. In the end, George went for the world class company that offered competitive remuneration, extensive training and opportunities to travel abroad. He put in the […]

Job & Pay Caps

Create jobs? Cap pay? For the “average” South African, government’s latest plan, the New Growth Plan (NGP), tried to do again, what they have tried to do repeatedly without success (create jobs). NGP would have been a yawn…..save for this Stone Age proposal: Cap pay and bonuses for senior managers and executives that earn over […]

HR & Payroll in the Cloud

Benefits of HR and payroll “over the cloud” outweigh perceived threat Companies with apprehensive attitudes towards technology are losing out as a result of a deferred shift to cloud computing In recent research findings on Cloud Computing and its’ benefits to the HR function by IQPC South Africa, the obstacles for companies to taking up […]