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Talent Management, Retention and Succession Planning

  Talent Management, Retention and Succession Planning   The IIR Talent Management, Retention and Succession Planning Conference from 23 to 26 April, is designed to assist HR professionals develop effective strategies to find, retain and develop their talent.  The conference covers aligning performance management with talent management, managing talent risks,  talent management strategies, keeping your […]


  With the days heating up and workplaces cooling down, it is a sunny forecast for staff crossing off the weeks until their annual leave. Leave, is something to look forward to and the earlier you start the clock, the less you have to be concerned about the daily irritations. You just have to survive until your leave […]

Money, Happiness & Talent

  Money buys happiness For many years, consultants, especially those in the reward profession, have contended that there is more to attracting and retaining talent, than money. While that assertion may be valid for those occupying the seven figure levels of the organisation or those paid to do nothing, the masses would disagree. Money is the […]

HR Technology Integration is the new HR currency

            HR Technology integration becomes the new HR currency as it outperforms non-integration by 41% “Survey findings of the 2010 State of Global People Management research, released by Massachusetts-based international people management software company Softscape, reveals that organisations that integrate talent processes, systems and data on performance, succession planning, compensation, […]

Talent at the Top of your Agenda?

  Talent If Talent is at the top of your Agenda , then you should get access to our free Talent Agend E-Library. The Talent Agenda E-Library provides HR professionals, payroll personnel, career academics and management, exclusive resources to attract, manage and retain talent. They get access to razor sharp dispatches, free HR Future digital subscription, complimentary HR tickets, online tools and […]

Lifestyle Audits & Office Binging

  They say that one should be hungry for success.  This month I want to highlight those individuals, that are hungry for moolah and to grab a line from Spur, “Come Hungry” to the office each day.   Lifestyle Audits Who said that auditing is boring, devoid of glamour? In recent months, calls for a […]